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Bay trees may be re-potted at any time during the year, but the best time would be September. The plant will then prepare for the dormant period in winter (winter rest), but its root system will continue to remain highly active, due to which roots will partially grow into the added soil before the winter.

The frequency of the re-potting varies according to the age of the plant. In the first few years, re-potting should be done every year. After the passage of time, it may be done every two years, and when the plant is more than ten years old, the intervening period between repotting may extend from four to five years. In case of very old plants that are more than 50 years old, the re-potting can easily be postponed for up to 15 years.

Re-potting is always done to a new pot that is slightly larger than the old one. Root pruning is out of the question.
Use the best potting soil for orangery plants, pre-fertilised, and mixed with clay. In particular, the soil must be able to retain sufficient quantities of water as a buffer.

Provide a large watering rim (at least two to three centimetres) to ensure that a sufficient quantity of water can be provided during each watering. A bay tree pot must have holes in the bottom to ensure good drainage. A layer of argex or lava on the bottom will also be of help.

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