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Pruning helps growth. The more you prune, the more compact and fuller the plant will be. Manual pruning with pruning shears produces the best results. Larger plants can sometimes be pruned with hedge shears.

Summer pruning
In order to ensure that the plant retains its beautiful shape, the strongest shoots of slightly older plants (from 4 to 5 years) are pruned in the course of the summer. The stronger the shoot, the shorter it can be pruned. Later on, these shoots will also grow the strongest. If pruning is done before July, there is a high chance that every pruned shoot will have doubled. The result will be a more compact and fuller plant.

Winter pruning or pruning into shape
Winter pruning is done between November to March. This is the season in which the plants are truly 'shaped'. During the annual winter pruning, special attention is paid to bringing the shape of the plant into balance. For example, a pyramid-shaped plant must have equally wide growth at the bottom from the main stem. In case of a crown on stem, the crown should of course remain at the centre of the stem.

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