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For more than 25 years, Laurica-plants has been a trusted partner for various garden centres. Laurica-plants has built up a European reputation as a prompt and reliable supplier of Belgian and high quality bay trees. Quality is the hallmark of the company. This guarantee, combined with perfect service, ensures that Laurica-plants remains the market leader.

The selling season for bay trees as patio plants is primarily in spring, but may extend throughout the year. Each plant is provided with a Laurica label. The manual removal of all weeds, the washing of the pot as well as the administering of a final pruning are all essential actions, and are just as important as extra watering. In order to prevent damage during transportation and to avoid manipulation, all bay trees on stem are provided with a suitable protection for the stem.

Laurica-plants guarantees quality, uniformity, punctual delivery, excellent service, etc,… In this manner, we provide support for successful sales to your garden centre!

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