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All the bay trees of Laurica-plants are propagated and grown in our own nursery.

In order to ensure superior quality, our plants are grown from cuttings. Although plants cultivated from cuttings grow more slowly, they are far more uniform in terms of leaf size, shape and aroma. Their less robust root system also ensures that the plants grow better in a pot or barrel, thereby extending their shelf life. In addition, bay trees cultivated from cuttings are better suited for pruning and also retain their shape better.

Our nursery also comprises a wide range of bay trees. As a result of modified cultivation techniques and increasingly more progressive mechanisation, Laurica-plants has built up an international reputation in standardising the assortment and guaranteed quality standards.

A plant is fully mature and ready for sale after eight or nine years. A pyramid then has a height of about 1.5 m; at this age, a crown on stem (ball topiary tree) has a diameter of around 50 cm.

Many plants are further cultivated for many years before they are brought on the market. Outstanding care and expert pruning ensure that the plants grow into unique and beautiful specimens.