Evergreen trees nursery

Laurica-Plants is an experienced evergreen trees nursery of garden plants such as bay laurel for over 25 years. Our family business puts its heart in the evergreen trees nursery and the growth and care of evergreen garden plants for all kinds of purposes. We provide them for rental and for sales, but always with superior quality as our main hallmark. Throughout the years, we have established an international reputation as a reliable partner for wholesalers and garden centres who are looking for a high-quality evergreen trees nursery and bay laurel for sale. Our orange laurica certificate guarantees the superior quality of all our plants and trees. Take a look at our broad range of varieties, shape and dimensions of the evergreen garden plants in our evergreen trees nursery. Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information about the evergreen trees nursery.

Evergreen trees nursery

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Laurica-plants NV, Zomerweg 20, 8490 Jabbeke, T: +32 (0)50 81 17 43 E: info@laurica.be